A love letter...

*warning: very cheesy but real post coming up*

Wow. Where do I begin. A week and one day ago I landed back home from the most spectacular journey of my entire life, and here is where I pour my heart out to you, Peru.

Dear Peru,

       Let me start by saying thank you. You have taught me more in 2.5 weeks than I have ever learned in my 16 years of living. I know some of the kids who went on the trip only came to have a good time, but subconsciously I came to search for a part of myself I didn't know. It's weird to think of this trip as a school trip because it did not feel like that, it felt better. It felt like my friends and I were living in our own little world. Where we were independent together, and had to figure out life for ourselves.

I love you for showing me some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my entire life. Exibit A:

I could not believe what I had seen. Everything I saw looked like it had came out of a fairytale. One of my friends on the trip said: "It's hard to be grateful when you just don't believe what your seeing is real." And that is the perfect way to explain it.

I love you for giving me the opportunity to work in an orphanage and helping me find hidden feelings I had kept locked up inside of me about adoption and where my life had began. It was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do and experiencing those feelings caused me huge pain. It was good for me though, and because of it I felt a huge pressure lift off of my shoulders. 

I love you for making me more aware of what I should value in life. Almost everyone I had seen looked genuinely happy. Whether they were rich, poor, or anywhere in between, they looked like they just enjoyed life. I realized that's what I should really care about, being happy.

I love you for bringing me to new friends. By the end of this trip, I feel like I had found a little family that I never wanted to leave. We were almost always with each other for 2.5 weeks straight, so it was very hard for me to let go of that when we got back home. I know I see them almost everyday at school, but it's hard going back to normal routine.

I love you most for helping me find a new version of myself. From everything I have learned and experienced, I feel as if I am a different person. I am not the same girl now as I was before I embarked on this life changing adventure. And it's all because of you, Peru. I love you.