I'm Back!

I'm back back back, back again. Not gonna lie I don't know what song that's from. Okkkaaayy anyway yea as you can tell I'm back from my lots and lots of inactivity. I'm super sorry for my absence, and I hope it won't happen again. See what happened was I got really self consious. Of course I am such an amatuear at this blogging thing, but everyone's got to start at the bottom I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway someone in person gave me some hate about this blog, and it really lowered my self confidence. They tried to cover it up like it was a joke, but it really effected me. It would effect anyone. I realized though that I shouldn't care what they say or think!

This blog is something I love to do, and I really shouldn't let a little bit of hate change that. So for a fresh start I deleted the blog posts from before, but only to make room for bigger and better things. New me, new blog posts! ;)

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