Watch Out Frappuccino's , There's a New Kid in Town.

Everyone loves a good Starbucks Frappuccino and even more people freaked out about the mystical Unicorn Frappuccino, but now it's time for them to share the spotlight because there's a new kid in town (and let's just say he's mighty fine).

Bubble Tea is a hot craze in Boston and all the kids here go crazy for it. This milk based Taiwanese tea is perfect to satisfy your fruity craving on a warm day. Not only does this delicious drink come with chewy tapioca balls called "boba", but you can add fun things to it like jelly and popping bubbles. 

Every time I go into the city I can't walk by Kung Fu Tea or Tea-Do without going in and picking up a nice cold one of these bad boys. But they aren't all cold! As long as you ask in advance, you can get your tea as warm as your heart desires 

And don't worry you non-dairy/vegans!! You can get bubble tea made with almond milk, lactose-intolerant milk, or just get fruited black or green tea (that's what I get).