My Usual Spots in Boston

Any people that know me know that I love to go out in the city and get FOOD (and drinks too lmao). I have a few places that I will literally never get sick of. I have a variety of them and aghhh just thinking of food is making me happy. Here are some of my favorites at the moment:

Tea-Do - They call themselves a "contemporary tea house" and that they are. They sell all kinds of milk teas, bubble teas, and slushes or "smoothies". I have also seen people eating tempura and other food there, but I have never tried their food. Tea-Do is BY FAR my favorite place to get bubble tea.     

Address: 8 Tyler Street, Boston MA 02111

What I Order: Large Lychee Smoothie w/ just Lychee Popping Bubbles

Double Chin - Right around the corner from Tea-Do is Double Chin, a casual Chinese food restaurant known for their "Instagram worthy" dishes and desserts. But we should not forget their food!! Their food is so delicious and VERY creative. Even though they are a Chinese restaurant, Double Chin puts American or modern twists on many of their dishes. Also if you go there checkout their physical menu. It's super cute!

Address: 86 Harrison Ave, Boston Ma 02111

What I Order: To drink- Lychee Lemonade, To eat- Pork Dumplings, Scallion Pancakes, Fried Rice, Pork Flat Udon, For dessert- Taste the Rainbow Cube Toast😍😍😍 ---- I eat Chinese food "family style" with my friends and family so I usually get a lot. I'm not that fat, I swear. ;)

Max Brenner - Okay, other than being coined "where all the basic girls go", Max Brenner's has an AMAZING menu. In my opinion, most restaurants that are known for their desserts have pretty average main dishes, but Max Brenner's contradicts this theory of mine because their food is so fr*ckn good. They have a variety of American food, and many chocolatey desserts😋

Address: 745 Boylston Street, Boston Ma 02116  

What I Order: To drink- 80's Milkshake, To eat- Crispy Chicken Mac & Cheese or Best B.A.L.T Sandwich, For dessert- Build Your Own Ice Cream or Urban S'mores Fondue

Amorino - Gelato and Sorbetto have my heart, especially Amorino's. Not only is their gelato and sorbet amazing, but they shape their scoops so the final product ends up looking like a flower!! Yes a flower. You can get as many flavors as you want on your cone, and all of them are sooo fresh. I'm currently dairy-free so finding an "ice cream" store that is half sorbet (sorbet has no dairy) makes me so happy.

Address: 249 Newbury Street, Boston Ma 02116

What I Order: Classic Cone w/ Lime Basil, Passion Fruit, and Raspberry Sorbet

Okayyy so those are some of my current favorite places to go, but I will definitely be doing another one of these posts :))

*picture from Double Chin